Ysadora Lacquers Offers Affordable Luxury With Indie Nail Polish

Ysadora Lacquers is a business specializing in hand-made, indie nail polish. These polishes cater to clientele that desire classic and luxurious colors and textures. Ysadora Lacquers are made with suspension bases that are free from camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or formaldehyde resins. Polishes will be sold by individual bottles and kits for creating custom textured looks. Polishes will be custom made per the customers’ orders.

The Ysadora Lacquers brand started with a vision from Owner & Formulator, Stacey Landrum, who started doing her own nails in middle school. She loved mixing colors and designs to make them her own style. This same philosophy integrates with everything that the Ysadora Lacquers brand is about. Stacey adds her personal touch along with the customer’s specification to create vibrant colors, classic styles, trend-setting textures, and glamorous nail designs. The brand is in perfect harmony with our tagline, “The Mythical Perfect Nail Polish Has Arrived!” Women today want salon quality, custom nail polish for economical prices. Ysadora Lacquers puts the emphasis on QUALITY and CUSTOMIZATION. Our lacquers convey the brand messaging and emphasize the vision of encouraging women to be confident, bold and beautiful.

Create A Custom Lacquer To Fit Your Mood And Personal Style

Nail polish is one of the least expensive ways to change your look to match your mood and style. Ysadora Lacquers provides fun, vibrant, classy, trendy, sophisticated, iconic, and luxurious lacquers in unique shades and effects. Visit our blog to learn more about our various colors and textures.indie nail polish